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This Is How We Summer in Muncie

If you've seen me lately, or read my last post, you know I've been a liiiiiiiittttlle busy this summer, following the June arrival of our second child (who is currently asleep, despite my stepping on a very vocal Elmo toy). As such, I had to tap into the Muncie braintrust of mommies to complete this post: The wonderful women of Muncie Moms and Munchkins. IDK what I'd do without this amazing network of women, who will help you with anything from selecting a doctor, to hosting community play dates.


I asked them for photos of the copious events and facilities that make our summer in Muncie, and very quickly, I was floored by dozens and dozens of amazing moments. I really struggled with how best to share them, to give each of these generously shared images the appropriate reverence. These images are the best of what we are--the many reasons that people move here, stay here, and celebrate life in Muncie (and the surrounding area--shout out to the Daleville Splash Pad and Mounds State Park, in particular). Rather than a slideshow, I settled on a collage, mainly for its resemblance to a BINGO board. How many of these museums, parks, and events did you attend this year? How many will you get to next year?

Need a little help with the names? Can you piece them together from the word cloud?

Besides completing my family, and the many free, accessible events and venues that are local, I'd have to say what made our summer was the Muncie life itself. Having our first baby in Chicago was HARD, despite being fortunate to have a great network of friends. But it's just different in a city that large--juggling a stroller on a train, parking for parent groups, driving 45 minutes to the other side of town for the nearest baby swim class, digging out your car in the snow and just hoping you can do it quickly enough that your baby won't need a new diaper before you even pull out of the parking spot...every single day was exhausting. Muncie doesn't do that to you. Want to know who is happy with their pediatrician? You probably already know 15 or more people who have the same doc, and give good reviews (our hospital is amazing, btw). Need prenatal yoga while you prepare for your new arrival? It's 5-8 minutes from home, and there are familiar faces when you arrive. Trying to get to the grocery store with your newborn and a toddler? Yes, they let you cut in line here. It's just a better place to be a kid, and a better place to be a parent. There aren't sufficient words to explain this adequately, but I think the images above help illustrate the prodigious wonder of Muncie in the summer.

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