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Overdue Update: What You've Been Missing (Or Doing) in Muncie

Yes, I'm past due for a post! Here's the short(ish) version.

Someone told me a few weeks ago that blogging is "such a summer activity." I would say that single comment certainly lets me off the hook for the way I have been ignoring the blog, which is nothing short of neglectful. I would apologize, but the truth is MUNCIE HAS BEEN KEEPING ME SO BUSY. I feel like people sometimes think I'm joking when I say that there is just more to do here than there was in Chicago, but I'm serious--or, at minimum, the cost of living, low traffic, easy parking, and general accessibility invite a higher degree of participation from residents. EXHIBIT A: If there is a free event in downtown Muncie, which I may like to attend with my husband and toddler while gracelessly stumbling around in my 35-week-pregnant body, I CAN. I can park nearby, walk with the stroller at a pace of my choosing, and find a restroom quickly if needed for diaper changes (or general third trimester complaints 😂). If I tried to do that in Chicago, the parking would be $20-$40 minimum, it DEFINITELY wouldn't be convenient, and there would've been a backseat diaper change involved. Or, I could've taken the stroller on the Red Line, prayed for an open seat or enough physical space to be 35 weeks pregnant, you get the idea. Suffice it to say, Muncie > than Chicago SO. Here are some of the things you missed in Muncie since my last post: Events at the Muncie Public Libraries: in addition the standard story times, play groups, and book talks, we have attended some special events, such as the pictured Mary Shelley Salon, complete with tea party and trivia. Also, regular screenings of a variety of movies, such as Pan's Labyrinth and Arsenic and Old Lace. Also, some paranormal investigators spent the night in the library and presented their findings to the public at Ghosts At the Library, along with a macabre history of some local landmarks.

Muncie Children's Museum Celebrations: I LOVE OUR CHILDREN'S MUSEUM. It's honestly one of the best I've visited. Since my last post, we've been there around 5,341,286 times, and met some penguins, climbed in the ant hill, played at the water table, observed the trains, "shopped" in the grocery exhibit, and celebrated the new year during a fun daytime event. ICYMI: they have regular, educational animal encounters every few days, which my son loves.

All the amazing winter holiday things we do here:

Old Fashioned Christmas at the Depot

Light Up Downtown Enchanted Luminaria Walk at Minnetrista

Meet Santa at Forever Toys

Holiday Gift Mart Downtown

Harry Potter Yule Ball at Books and Brews (which sadly, I missed)

Son of Scarevania Christmas Scarol Haunted House at Cornerstone Center for the Arts (which sounds awesome, but is no place for a preggo)

...also, our Mall Santa and Easter Bunny have sensory aware days, to improve the experience for visitors with Autism Spectrum Disorder.​

First Thursdays held in Madjax to beat winter weather, then moved back to the streets of Downtown when spring hits--this includes the work of local artisans, including some awesome baked goods by local fave The Bearded Baker.

Family Adventure Day at Minnetrista Cultural Center: this included an animal interaction with snakes and turtles, a dinosaur dig, and some other super cool outdoor stuff we skipped when we realized my one year old lost a shoe along the way. MOM FAIL. Some of the other exhibits there include a maker space (super useful over spring break for older kiddos with a good age range of activities, these sweet dinos, cultural artifacts, and the stairwell, which my son really enjoys, because he's one.

Farmer's Markets have moved back outdoors, including the Minnetrista Site. Muncie Makers Market every Saturday at Books and Brews: this is on my list for this week Rialzo: this is a big fancy "Party with a Purpose," and the funds this year went to help new mothers struggling with addiction. The theme was "Magic Carpet Ride," and there were so many jewel toned dresses (and suits) in attendance! Most importantly, the event raised somewhere between $150,000-$300,000 for the cause--I'll get back to you with exact numbers. The second Muncie Bridge Dinner: it's exactly what you think it is--the fine people of Muncie assemble on a scenic bridge, visit food trucks and picnic, shop for Muncie-themed goods, and enjoy live music (and a magician!) It. Was. AWESOME. Planning for the fall Bridge Dinner is already underway.

Here's the link: Delaware County Special Needs Prom: this was the biggest year yet, with around 600 RSVPs, and donated tuxes, dresses, catering, venue, and decor for the attendees to enjoy. The theme was A Night Under the Big Top, and I'm on pins and needles for what we will do next year!

Here's a link to the Muncie Journal Story and photo gallery: There are countless other events that I missed due to momming so hard, and the fact that I'm a Realtor (this is the best housing market EVER, which keeps me busy). Looking forward to keeping you posted this spring and summer, and take my word that I won't get so far behind again 😊

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